A FewWords About Us

Corporate Concierge Services logo Angelina Turner

Corporate Concierge Services, LLC was established in France in 2003 and though it’s headquartered now in California its Founder Angelina Turner, with over 20 years of experience in the industry of luxury hotel corporate hospitality, is still at the helm.

Over the years, Corporate Concierge Services has developed a standard of quality services provided to an array of clientele, ranging from royalty and dignitaries to film stars as well as festival delegates and also to film commissions.

Corporate Concierge Services strives for excellence, addressing every opportunity, regardless of its complexity, to a timely conclusion of perfection. Its mission is and always has been on the cutting edge, approaching and maintaining the highest standard of personalized service for its clients, colleagues and suppliers.

ELYODATA Stephane Boyeau

Stephane Boyeau is an Innovative Entrepreneur, who possesses a strong technical background along with a significant amount of experience in open source environments.

He is specializing in the implementation and design of open source IT infrastructures for small to medium businesses, as well as product strategy, architecture guidance for solutions development, production control and project sales.

Furthermore Stephane has a wealth of knowledge and experience in UI Design, Web Development using DRUPAS CMS, Linux hosting services, Integration Support for the migration of desktops to Linux, Mobile applications development using multi-platform open source framework including the Apple iPhone, iPad, Google, and Android.

Stephane Boyeau, Co-Founder of an IT Service firm specializing in application development and hosting for the French Federal and Local Governmental agencies, opened a new market in 2003 developing a custom CRM application with functionalities specific to governmental agencies who need focus on citizens relationship management.